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Utilize our solutions to increase your mission's impact and efficiency. By taking the next step together, we can transform our communities for generations to come.

Charitable Supply

The TFG Charitable Supply is an organized, no-cost, store of goods. Our Charitable Supply helps fulfill organizations' needs for supplies without having to source, pick, or sort. We believe connecting people with resources and opportunities is essential. With the convenience of our Charitable Supply, we hope to help your organization connect more people to the resources they need; impacting more lives.

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Never Ending Fundrasier

TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation and Thrift for Good Ltd. have come together offering the first-ever Never-Ending Fundraiser. Thrift for Good Ltd. accepts donations allowing donors to select a charity of choice to receive 25% of all proceeds from items sold. Additionally, Thrift for Good Ltd. has developed marketing solutions which emphasize transparency advertising items by charity association. All items not sold are donated to the TFG Charitable Supply. This innovative capital raising solution is effortless and lucrative paving new and exciting opportunities for growth.

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SIA Networking Hour

Happy hour with a double shot of unity and success. SIA Networking Hour is a monthly meeting for connecting nonprofit leaders in similar strategic impact areas.  The networking meetings will provide leaders the opportunity to discuss current challenges, realizations, future goals, and even find new ways to collaborate. Additionally, leaders will have the opportunity to mobilize allocated resources to impact common areas of focus.

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Our Foundation is committed to awarding up to $150,000 in grants a year supporting the growth and development of nonprofit organizations. This contribution is a pledge to helping organizations develop sustainable infrastructure and efficiently acquire resources. Each Foundation recipient is a bluebonnet partner whose success we are committed to while they help us lead change.

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Bluebonnet Growth Track

Our Bluebonnet Growth Track (BGT) provides nonprofit organizations an opportunity to work alongside industry experts improving efficiency in areas such as donor retention, marketing, strategic event planning, and business development. Our BGT has the potential to help you reach goals elevating your mission and allowing you to impact more lives.

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Executive Bluebonnet Club

Looking to coach, lead, and advise? Looking for something more than new networking opportunities? Our Executive Bluebonnet Club is an elite platform for business owners, managers, city leaders, and nonprofit leaders to mobilize change serving as a pillar of action utilizing  resources, knowledge, and wisdom to stabilize inequities throughout our community.