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Volunteer Opportunities

At TFG, we strive to improve our local community, much like bluebonnets improve Texas roadsides and open grasslands. Bluebonnets can't grow without the initial seed, and TFG Charitable Supply can't grow without you! Volunteers, alongside employees, can help ensure that our facility runs smoothly, allowing us to “Support missions and impact lives”. You can help us contact local nonprofits that need resources from our charitable supply, organize and manage the warehouse, and assist with daily office responsibilities. That’s why TFG is calling on you to be the seed that blooms change and opportunity. 


Charitable Supply Volunteer

Help us organize the items we get from Thrift for Good so we can donate them to local nonprofits to support their missions!


Office Volunteer

Help us reach out to local nonprofits and manage our office.  Scheduling and event planning, social media, etc.

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