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Volunteers Cleaning

"Be the Seed that

Blooms Opportunity & Leads Change"

- TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation -

Volunteer With TFG

The iconic bluebonnet graces Texas with beauty, sprucing up roadsides on long highways and open grasslands presenting families with the perfect photo opp. While the brightly bloomed flowers receive the credit for life experiences in front of the camera, it’s important to acknowledge that without the small and necessary presence of seeds those bluebonnets would never present an additional platform for change and opportunity. It’s because of those tiny seeds that bluebonnets undoubtedly beautify Texas creating smiles and memorable photo opportunities for the families and communities.



At TFG we strive to improve the Hurst community much like bluebonnets improve Texas roadsides and open grasslands. Yet our impact and mission cannot be fulfilled without those brilliant little seeds, which is where you come in. Volunteers, alongside employees, help ensure operations at our facility run smoothly allowing us to “Support missions and impact lives”. We do this by ensuring community nonprofits have the resources they need from our charitable supply, organizing and managing the warehouse, planning and working events, and assisting with daily office responsibilities. That’s why TFG is calling on you to be the seed that blooms change and opportunity. 

Volunteer Opportunities


Charitable Supply Volunteer

Help us organize the items we get from Thrift for Good so we can donate them to local nonprofits to support their missions!


Office Volunteer

Help us reach out to local nonprofits and manage our office.  Scheduling and event planning, social media, etc.

Whats the Process?

Volunteering with us is as easy as 123! Select one of the opportunities above and complete the online application, or give us a call at 817-946-6455. A member of our team will be in touch to help you register for a volunteer orientation date. A few steps and just like that you can be the difference our community needs helping organizations impact more lives. Sign up today because change starts with you!

Group Volunteer Opportunities 

Interested in volunteering as a group? Whether you’re part of a church, business, school group, or just want to volunteer with your friends we have opportunities for you. We’ll always be in need of extra help and will welcome as many people to our team as possible! For more information, please contact the Communications Coordinator at

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