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Meet Our Team
Board of Directors

Jennifer Cooper


Board Chair

Jen Cooper is an attorney turned venture capitalist with experience in marketing and tech startups. Growing up in junk stores, preferring used to new, Jen Cooper decided to take on the inefficiencies in the resale market with Thrift for Good Ltd. Inspired by granny Sue, Jen is looking forward to helping TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation maximize resources helping nonprofits increase their impact.


Jamie Downing


John Cooper

Board Spot 3


John Cooper is an IT specialist who is passionate about seeing the community come together for a positive impact. 

Board Spot 2 

Administrative Staff

Lydia Augustus

Executive Director

Lydia Augustus has a background in family resource education and experience in non-profit service navigation. She is also a business owner with a passion for sustainability and responsible resource management. She hopes to change her community's outlook on sustainable practices and positively impact DFW through her role at TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation. 


Lydia Augustus

Executive Director


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