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TFG Family

Board of Directors

Jennifer Cooper

Board Chair

Jen Cooper is an attorney turned venture capitalist with experience in marketing and tech startups. Growing up in junk stores, preferring used to new, Jen Cooper and Taylor Watts decided to take on the inefficiencies in the resale market with Thrift for Good Ltd. Inspired by granny Sue, Jen is looking forward to helping TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation maximize resources helping nonprofits increase their impact.


Taylor Watts

Taylor Watts is a process automation specialist and electrical engineer who worked to design and install factories for huge companies like Dr. Pepper and Purina. Taylor has turned to Thrift for Good Ltd. and TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation looking to transform the resale industry while helping nonprofits solve resource deficiencies.


John Cooper

John Cooper is an IT specialist who is passionate about seeing the community come together for a positive impact. 

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TFG CS&F Staff

Malachi Mack

Executive Director

Malachi Mack graduated from the University of North Texas with a background in Tech-Startups, Marketing, and Business Development. He is passionate abosut seeing the TFG CS&F mission transform his hometown. 

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Emily Mastalski

Nonprofit Coordinator

Emily Mastalski received her BS in Marketing and HR Management from the University of Arkansas and is passionate about animal welfare. As our Nonprofit Coordinator she is excited to make a difference in the community fulfilling  the mission of TFG CS&F!

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Megan Moran

Charitable Supply Coordinator

Megan Moran received her Masters  in Social Work and is passionate about serving veterans and social advocacy. As our Charitable Supply Coordinator she is excited to get resources to organizations helping them increase their impact.

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Somar Khamis

Communications Coordinator

Somar Khamis received her Bachelors in Theater from UNT and is passionate about the arts and being a positive social media influence. As our Communications Coordinator she is excited to communicate the impact of TFG CS&F creatively demonstrating that together we can do anything.


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