Charitable Supply

The TFG Charitable Supply is an organized, no-cost, store of goods. Our Charitable Supply helps fulfill organizations' needs for supplies without having to source, pick, or sort. We believe connecting people with resources and opportunities is essential. With the convenience of our Charitable Supply, we hope to help your organization connect more people to the resources they need; impacting more lives. 

With the support of our community and donations from Thrift for Good Ltd. we are able to offer an assortment of goods, including: 

  • Clothes and Shoes 

  • Household Appliances

  • Blankets, Towels, Pillows, & Sheets 

  • Toiletries 

  • Medical Supplies

  • Dishes & Glassware 

  • Books

  • Toys 

  • Furniture 

  • Pet Supplies 

  • & More! 

Accessing Our Charitable Supply

Our Charitable Supply is located at 120 West Bedford Euless Rd. in Hurst, TX. Pickup appointments are available Monday-Thursday from 10am-4pm. Please schedule your pickup in advance so we can make sure to have your items ready when you arrive. Call us at 817-946-6455, or submit an online request here.