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Based on a book introduced by Granny Sue, “Legend of the Bluebonnet,” founder Jen Cooper established TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation. The story is a Comanche parable about the origin of bluebonnets. The story goes that a sacrifice of a special possession is needed to end a long drought. All of the people think of their most prized possessions, and then decide that theirs is not the one that’s needed, but one little girl decides to burn her only doll and scatters the ashes to the wind, bringing the rains back, and the next morning, bluebonnets are growing everywhere the ashes fell.

Bluebonnets are a call to action. The little girl in the story saw the need, and regardless of what those around her were doing, decided to fill it. The beauty of this philosophy is that different people identify different kinds of needs, and when those different people go to fill those different needs, the various needs of a whole community can be met – then we have a whole field of bluebonnets.

That’s why we have decided to make our mission supporting other charities. We believe that the needs of our community are diverse, and that there are a large number of charitable organizations already effectively serving those needs. There was no need for us to reinvent the wheel and start our own animal shelter or clothing room. Instead, we chose to use our resources and expertise in business, process automation, and the used goods market to provide the money and items those organizations need.

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Our Mission

Supplying nonprofit organizations with the

resources and opportunities to touch more lives.

Our Vision

To see the transformation of communities through our planted seeds of opportunity. 

Our Values

Diversity | Unity | Conservation | Kindness | Integrity


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