Bluebonnet Club

Executive Bluebonnet Club

The Executive Bluebonnet Club (EBC) is an elite platform for business owners, managers, city leaders, and nonprofit leaders to stabilize inequities throughout our community utilizing resources, knowledge, and wisdom. Organizing groups based on impact areas of interest, leaders will partake in facilitated socratic discussions. As sustainable initiatives are discovered each group will have an opportunity to raise and facilitate the distribution of funds and resources addressing community challenges and impacting more lives.

Strategic Impact Areas of Focus

Here at TFG CS&F we have 6 strategic impact areas of focus. Each of these areas represents a specific set of causes over a large range of missions. These strategic impact areas allow us to ensure that our efforts are efficiently targeted and have maximum impact. 

Human Services

Crime & Legal Related


Food, Agriculture, & Nutiriton

Housing & Shelter

Public Saftey, Disaster Prep, & Relief

Recreation & Sports

Youth Development  

Civil & Social

Civil Rights, Social Action and Advocacy

Community Improvement and Capacity

Ministires and other Religious Orgs.


Higher Education

Student Service Opportunities

k-12 Initatives

Fine Arts

Technical Education  

Health & Wellness

Nonprofit Hospitals

Nonprofit Health Care

Mental Health & Crisis Prevention

Voluntary Health Asst. & Medical Discounts

Meidcal research


Animal Support

Enviromental Stewardship


Conservation & Reforestation

Arts, Humanities, & Culture

Arts Councils

Humanitarian Initatives


When & Where

Each EBC group will meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. All new EBC members must go through a 1 hour orientation before being placed in a group. EBC orientation will be held on the first and last Monday of months Janurary, April, July, and October. Orientation sessions are held over Zoom. All other EBC meetings will be blended meetings held over Zoom and in person for members who would rather meet in person.


Below are a list of qualifications needed to be a member of the EBC:

  1. Members must pay $100 per year in membership dues

  2. Members must provide proof of employment

  3. Members must complete 25 volunteer hours per year

  4. Members must attend at least 5 meetings per year

50% of membership dues go to your SIA group to be used for supporting focused and susatible initaves. 25% of membership dues go to our Foundation. 25% of membership dues goes towards program expenses. 100% of membership dues supports impacting more lives.

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T: (817) 946-6455

E: contact@tfggives.org

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